Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crazy Test Posts

Sorry for all the test posts here over the last few days. has an error when using email based blogging; I run those tests three days ago (the emails took that long to hit blogspot.) This is all in preparation for me being far away for 2+ weeks (China) where I don't know what level of internet access I will have (so the tests were for email based blogging -- but I don't expect be to doing much CineForm related blogging from China.) While I'm away other CineForm staff will step in the help with forum questions that I usually spend time answering (particularly over at

It has been a quiet time on this blog, as I have been so busy with CineForm projects (jamming things is before my trip.) We didn't close for holidays. Over the time that of company's were holidaying, we did two minor updates to Aspect HD 3.4 (now build 45), and a new beta candidate for Prospect HD 1.2 (coming soon.) We did a new build for Prospect 2K (for the LBS project) and preparing for upcoming Adobe software releases. We have more codec enhancements coming (even more speed) and we are working on real-time compression of HD gaming consoles (more on that soon.) In a recent in-house experiment of the new "stuff" and some very fast PC gear we were encoding 1920x1080 progressive at 88 fps (that is nice full resolution HD overcranking.) All this without mentioning the projects that won't be announced until NAB. Fun stuff.

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