Wednesday, December 27, 2006

CineForm RAW Metadata

A month later, time for another update. Most of my time has been focused preparing for the full release for the SI-2K digital cinema camera (now finally in production, with the first of the next generation units shipping January -- yes later than we had hoped.) The software support RAW cameras in general has been evolving, but has remained mostly under wraps (first public showing will be at Sundance and then at Hollywood Post Alliance). But a short sneak peak to what is coming I encoding this demo showing some of the CineForm RAW metadata* controls.

* - Note: Metadata is really a wrong word. Traditional metadata like timecode, logging text, userbit, shot notes extra is passive in nature. This is active metadata that works as a non-destructive operator on the moving image in real-time.

So this little demo show the tip of the iceberg for some of the "look" controls that the media can handle. Through post controls for standard camera settings like white-balance, color matrix, and defect pixel coordinates, to full 3D LUT selection to model film stocks and look style -- all with 32-bit float precision.
Short clip here : DemoCineFormRAW-WIP.wmv

The really cool stuff is under global controls. ;)