Thursday, April 14, 2011

My annual FreshDV NAB interview

See me exhausted after 4 days of our most exciting NAB every, discussing some of the impact of the GoPro acquisition of CineForm (yes it was that way around, we had many express their surprise that we brought GoPro.)

My FreshDV interview .

Technical corrections to the above. Sorry Resolve, I had temporarily forgotten your name. And I meant Phantom, not Viper, in the very end of the interview.

Monday, April 04, 2011

GoPro and CineForm

I know I own everyone a nice long blog entry on the recent GoPro acquisition of CineForm. Yes the team at CineForm is very pleased about this. In the meantime (with NAB so near), I there is no way can do better than this quote from John Hewat over on

"CineForm and GoPro make what I consider the two easiest, smoothest products that I ever get to use. I'm very pleased that they're together now. I rarely ever edit anything without converting to Cineform and I rarely leave the house without my GoPro."