Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NAB Coverage of CineForm Neo 3D

We are now all back and working very hard after our huge NAB. We pick several (all?) the major show awards, win best of show from both Videography Magazine's Vidy award (recognizing outstanding achievement in the art and science of video technology) and TV Technology's 2009 STAR award (Superior Technology Award Recipient.)

In addition to the NAB Filmmaking Central on the last blog post, we've had great written coverage from Adam Wilt's NAB wrap-up and a long two part interview with Fresh DV covering 3D from production & post through distribution.

Part 1: 22 minutes -- 3D concepts and production issues

Part 2: 12 minutes -- 3D post

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At NAB talking up First Light and NEO 3D

While the camera is in way too much of a close up on my head (thanks to Dave Basulto of Filmmaking Central), you can see some of what CineForm is showing at NAB this year in this video interview.