Friday, December 10, 2010

Stopmotion / Timelapse Stereo RAW conversions

In the last few posts I have enhanced to support for camera RAW to CineForm RAW conversions, and this feature was released as part of the Windows Neo4K or Neo3D builds yesterday (Dec 09, 2010.)  The DPX2CF tool itself has since undergone one more update to support stereo conversions of RAW sources.  

DPX2CF v6.02 Download  (replace in C:\Program Files (x86)\CineForm\Tools)

The syntax for raw sources is just like it is for stereo DPX conversions.

For separate folders:

DPX2CF leftDir/*.DNG rightDir/*.DNG outDir/stereo.avi 

or unique left/right eye naming:

DPX2CF path/*L.CR2 path/*R.CR2 outDir/

There is also a new stereo mode for sequences that a capture L,R,L,R,... or R,L,R,L..., for single camera motion controlled rigs. The switch -sL set Left eye first or -sR the right eye. Notice that the sample source path is used twice:

DPX2CF path/*.CR2 path/*.CR2 outDir/ -sL

Note: There were a couple of minor bug fixes and also the new the ability to window the pixels you want. So if you only need the center 4K form a 5.2K RAW file, you do this:

DPX2CF path/*.CR2  outDir/ -sL -L(600,100,4696,2404)