Monday, December 12, 2005

Excellent day for CineForm powered music videos

After watching Alex's DVD (see last post) , my email in-box had another surprize. Jacob Rosenberg of Formika Films (Premiere guru and on-line supervisor for Dust to Glory) has released his latest project, Cactusflower, a music video for John Gold. The production of this music video received an excellent write-up and cover story in Video Systems magazine (see the article here.)

I have known about Jacob's new project for some time as I think this was the first production to use Prospect HD as a 24p disk recorder, bypassing the Sony F900 tape based compression. This allowed 10-bit for resolution 1920x1080 images to be captured rather than HDCAM's 1440x1080 8-bit. If he shot now, a Wafian HR-1 may have been an easier set-up, but the underlying technology is the same. A cool production fact: the F900 camera was shoot on it side, producing a tall 9x16 image, and the featured room was shoot in five slices to reconstruct a very wide anamorphic image, making a huge composite around 6000x2000 (from memory) to assemble all the slices into a seamless (very cool looking) frame.

See the truly excellent results here : “Cactusflower” video
Bonus : scroll down the page for a 720p WMV download version.


Liverpool Skyline said...

I Just Downloaded the video & I cant wait to see it and compare it to my HD 720p video produced in one day, and heavily compressed with windows media.

Compare my video & comment please
Open Invitation Video Link:
Thanks will coment on yours as soon as i view it.

Liverpool Skyline said...

After watching the video the thing that amased me most was the keying, or should I say rotoscoping, as I could see no way that it could have been done with keying, unless some kind of difference matte was used. But the overall effect was great, and I will definatly trying to emulate the final video in one of my upcoming productions. It is the ideal way to show a multi instrumentalist at work.