Friday, January 27, 2006

CineForm on Tour

CineForm is coming to a city near you by joining the Adobe Production Studio Tour. David Taylor (CineForm, CEO) will be at each of the city locations demonstating a Wafian HR-1 and Aspect HD and Prospect HD post production solutions. This show will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about Adobe/CineForm/Wafian solutions for film and TV acquistion and post. It should be great tour to attend, but unfortunately I'm not able to go. Please add a comment if you make it to one of these events and report your experience.


Barry said...

Is it possible to install your Aspect HD software on an editing system that is running the Matrox RTx100 hardware without conflicts?

David said...

Yes, however sometimes an alternative FireWire port is recommended for capture. If you have issues you should contact tech support.

Jim Long said...

Two Q's...
(1)I have Boxx System configured with Adobe Prem. 1.5 and your Prospect HD engine (and 2 TB storage) If I upgrade to Prem 2.0 how will that affect the project I'm now cutting?

(2)I'm looking at the Canon HD and the Panasonic HVX200 to replace the JVC HD10 that I purchased a year ago-which is camera (for HD) is more compatible with Prospect?

David Taylor said...

Hi Jim,

Our experience so far is that Premiere 1.5 projects open fine in Premiere 2. But we're all still early on this, so there may be some incompatibilities that we uncover. But so far so good.

The Canon XL H1 is much more compatible than the HVX200, and a great camera. You can capture using its HD-SDI output and it looks awesome. You can see in the blog below that we've been involved in a filmout with the XL H1. We held the screening last week. All involved were very impressed with the result. I will update the blog shortly with more information about this test.

The HVX200 is not particularly compatible on the PC yet as Panny hasn't embraced editing manufactuers besides Apple. We will have a solution in the coming months, but the XL H1 support will remain much stronger.