Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back from NAB 2010

Each year I have traditionally headed back one day before the show ends as I'm normally completely exhausted and have lost my voice (I'm of little use in booth presentations.) While by voice is at 50%, this was the hardest year to leave early, as we have been so warmly embraced by customers (old and new,) and by the many business partners (old and new) who spent time at our booth (and us in theirs.) CineForm was on show in more places than I could list (and likely just as many I didn't know about,) but to name a few: from the new P+S Technik 16mm digital camera back as CineForm RAW encoder, to NVidia show CineForm 3D editing under CS5, to DVS showing CineForm on Clipster, and Panasonic and AJA showing 3D workflow based on Neo 3D; I even discovered the awesome GoPro booth 3D demo was edited on Sunday night just before the show opening used Neo 3D. Special mention to CineDeck who shared a booth with CineForm, showing a native CineForm 422, 444 and 3D mobile (tiny) recorder, they won the Vidy Best of Show award.

This NAB demonstrated we are no longer perceived as a compression company. We used to spend much or our show time explaining that with CineForm "visually lossless" actually means something, and that compression need not be a dirty word. At this show compression hardly came up, as we are solving workflow problems across so many capture, post and archive needs, that compression is just one of the many tools we have to exploit. CineForm is about easing the post production workflow. Even third party announcements helped push our story, particularly the new that Avid's Media Composer 5 will support CineForm MOVs without ingest, meaning we now support all of the big three 'A's, Avid, Apple and Adobe, enabling the CineForm workflow in an interchangeable way between all your tools -- which has always been our business goal.

With my busy NAB schedule I do apologize to those I didn't catch up with, to the several that had to make many booth visits to do so. Also as I was away from the booth in so many positive business discussions, that missed several press opportunities, but I'm pleased to say that did catch up with the guys at FreshDV again this year, which you can see here:


Also David Taylor (CineForm, CEO) was interviewed by FXguide in NAB episode #2.