Friday, December 09, 2005

Aspect HD 3.4 now available for download

Yes another free upgrade for Aspect HD users. The biggest new feature is Canon XL H1 24F/30F support. It seems again that we will have an exclusive on this for some time based on the competitor's slow rate of support for JVC 24p (added to Aspect HD 3.3 released 4 months ago.) Here is the list of new features (cut from the CineForm web page.)

- quality enhancements that triggered the recently published quality analysis performed using Connect HD in Sony Vegas have all been rolled into Aspect HD v3.4.
- upon uninstallation of Aspect HD, our decoder components (optionally) remain installed and active, allowing easy (and free) multiple-machine decoder installs.

Capture related:
- Batch capture with timecode supported for XL H1 and HD100U
- Batch capture now supports non-zero start timecodes
- Timecode extraction from HD100U streams now supported

Export-to-tape related:
- HD100U: both 24p and 25p exports now supported
- XL H1: 1080i and 1080p24 (pulldown added) exports
- Sony's HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1: now supported

24p modes:
- XL H1: Capture with pulldown removal yields 1080p24 progressive CineForm Intermediate files for pure 24p editing workflows
- HD100U: 24p capture already supported in Aspect HD v3.3 release
- 24p presets and editing modes supported for both the XL H1 and HD100U

25p preset added for HD100U

Standard definition 4:3 export now supported from 16:9 timeline (center crop) for DVD

For more information please visit the Aspect HD pages

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