Monday, April 04, 2011

GoPro and CineForm

I know I own everyone a nice long blog entry on the recent GoPro acquisition of CineForm. Yes the team at CineForm is very pleased about this. In the meantime (with NAB so near), I there is no way can do better than this quote from John Hewat over on

"CineForm and GoPro make what I consider the two easiest, smoothest products that I ever get to use. I'm very pleased that they're together now. I rarely ever edit anything without converting to Cineform and I rarely leave the house without my GoPro."


A Scott said...

3d sync will be here in an hour or so. got Cineform Studio loaded and waiting for some footage!

Adam said...

Dear David,
I have a GoPro Hero 960 and am wondering if the free version of CineForm is compatible with videos made with my camera. If not, may I ask for your advice on other low budget editing programs that I could use. Thank you! Adam

David said...

Yes CineForm Studio is compatible with the HERO 960.

Anonymous said...

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C. Thompson said...

I realize I'm commenting on an old post, but it's the newest one that is on-topic with my issue.

David, are you aware that converting 24p native video from P2 media is currently broken in the Cineform software? We HVX/HPX people aren't obsolete _yet_, and it's been broken for a while. :) Just wanted to make you aware of the situation if you were not already.