Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Follow up on the Camera RAW to CineForm RAW

Now that you have your Camera RAW images in a CineForm RAW file (see last post), remember to set the demosaicing quality/look in FirstLight.  There are currently 9 different demosaicing filters to select from, each we slightly different image characters for detail and sharpness. This is just another control you have over the development of motion RAW sequences.  

Click on the image to the left for a closer look a several demosaicing options.  These were samples of a DNG sequence shot with the new Ikonoskop ACamDii.

The full frame PNG exports are available here:

Bilinear, Smooth, Detail1, Detail2 and Detail3.

More metrics.  Source 52 frames, 166MB as DNG files; compressed to CineForm RAW in Filmscan-1 quality is 20.1MB (used in examples), and CineForm RAW in Filmscan-2 is 33.5MB.  

The FirstLight color database entry (unzip and double click) is only 476 bytes to convert this to this. 

 If you you would like to repeat these tests yourself, get the latest Neo4K or 3D and these DNG source frames.

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