Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Upcoming speaking engagements

This year will be the first time I'll will make to IBC, thanks to the persistence of Phil Streather to have me present the editing workflow section of his "3D at the Movies" super panel. The full panel will cover many elements such as pre-visualization, shooting and post, all presented in a large Real-D equipped movie theater. It will be a first for me to demonstrate 3D convergence manipulation live onto a screen of that size (seating over 800 people apparently.) So if you're in Amsterdam the morning of September 14th, might be worth dropping by early to seek good seating (for the better 3D experience.)

Something closer to home. This weekend I will be presenting part of the editing panel, covering post for the 48 Hour Film Project. If you have read here at all, you know I'm a big fan of this competition. I will be at the SaVille Theater at San Diego City College from around 1pm through 5pm, this Saturday. Primarily I will be showing local 48 Hour teams how to produce HD masters that are ready for projection. If you are putting a team in this year, and many already are (almost at capacity for teams now), and if you can't come to this session, please read up on the new HD submission guidelines -- And practice before the competition weekend. The a seminars on film making for this competition (and others) starting at 10am, you can see them all for only $15 -- more info here.


Freedom said...

David...I see you're coming to Jackson Hole...need a drinking buddy? We have a small studio here in Jackson and are cross platform. Is there a chance we could talk with you about Cineform and how it can solve some of our problems.

Freedom said...

Oh contact info is:

Jake Hawkes
1 208 867 8172