Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CineForm's Winning Streak

Not only did Slumdog Millionaire clean up at the Golden Globes this year, Slumdog being a mostly CineForm RAW acquired feature shot with the Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini, one of CineForm's engineers just won a Audi RS4 (Audi Record the Rush Challenge) from a CineForm posted video he self produced also shot with an SI-2K and a Sony V1U.  Looking to be a good 2009 for those at CineForm.


Sam said...

Wooohoo! And congratulations, Tim!

Chris said...

David do you know the workflow details for Slumdog?

Did they keep the footage as CF RAW?

David said...

No, they went throught a more traditional DPX workflow. However, they did use Active Metadata to best light the clips before batching CineForm RAW to DPX. They even selected different demosaic filters based on each clips needs.

Hugh Macdonald said...

Slumdog was shot on 3 (or 4) different formats - SI2K, 35mm film (both 3 and 4-perf, hence the "or 4") and Canon stills (1D MkIII)

As a part of the conform process, the DI house (MPC, in London) exported DPXs from the CF files which they then dropped into their grade. I'm not sure what it was that they were grading on over there.... Using DPXs meant that they could work with the entire film in the same format.

We (the VFX team) were delivered everything as DPXs (apart from the Canon footage). In general, we'd deliver everything back to the DI in the same colour space as it was delivered to us in - even though the SI2K footage was somewhat desaturated compared to the film, we'd leave that for the DI to sort out. We did convert the JPGs from the Canon stills camera to a more Log-like colour space. (They shot JPGs on the Canon so that they could keep up longer bursts at 11fps)

mikehedge.com said...

!! yay congrats!!!!