Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits of Fun

Here are a couple of videos internally created by CineForm engineers (plus friends) just for fun. The first is this year's entry to the 48 Hour Film Project. We drew the tough genre of "Holiday Film", so it is now seasonally appropriate (we created this one back in August.)

Competition requirements: a "Holiday Film" to be written, shoot, edited and delivered within 48 hours with these elements:
1) Character: Joe or Josie Beeble -- Construction Worker
2) Prop: Tweezers
3) Line of Dialog: Hey, have you heard the news?

The second is currently a finalist on, which is a competition entry to help one of our engineers win an Audi S4. The entry is called Visceral Thirst, so please vote for Tim (he said I can have a drive if he wins.)

Both films where shot using an SI-2K Mini, although Tim used some Sony V1U footage (all the beautiful car shoots in Visceral Thirst are SI-2K,) and both where finished in tight time-frames using Prospect 4K and Active Metadata.


Jason Rodriguez said...

"dueling banjos" ... now if only you could have had a cool "Holiday Film meets Burt Reynolds 70's Action Film" genre :)

David said...

Hi Jason,

That would be allowed. We need your input next year to help us come up with the story idea. We are always hurt by complexity, can't come up with an idea simple enough (in the hour of so we allow for this.) In this 48 hour film, 90% is shot witinh a moving cars, cameras operators and the director getting car sick while lying on the floor in the back of the van (out of shot -- mostly, had to some arm removal when the director's limb showed.) A cast of 7 (more than any other year), two kids, and two adults playing the same kid characters 25 years later. Hard to jam all that into 7 minutes (we failed, it is 8 minutes.) Join us for the fun in 2009.

Jason Rodriguez said...

48 Hour Film contests ARE hard . . . and I think it's really neat that you and the entire CineForm team get into it . . . it's a unique aspect that I don't see from any other company out there, and that is the designers of the software are actually using the tools themselves to make films! It's one thing to get feedback from others, but it's another thing to actually use your own tools in production, and I think it's that aspect of the CineForm toolset that makes it a step above the rest of field where it's designed not only to be robust on paper, but also in use in the field as well.

BTW, I'm not sure if I'll be able to contribute to all the cool pop-culture references you guys seem to tuck in all sorts of neat little places in each of your short-films . . . I don't know how many people got the "dueling banjos" line, but for those who did (like myself), it's quite funny and rewarding :)