Friday, October 03, 2008

New betas for Prospect/NEO 4K

It is Friday and time for another beta release. Version 3.4.3 contains some cools upgrades and fixes, particular for Premiere support, but there are base level codec changes for NEO as well.

In Premiere we have renamed all the appropriate filters to it have 32-bit in their name (Prospect HD/4K only.) It's handy to know, but it is also great for selecting filters, just put "32" in the search field and up pops all of the CineForm deep pixel filters.

One of the long missing 32-bit filters is a Levels plug-in -- Finally! The Premiere levels control is only 8-bit, limiting it usefulness, while the Premiere Fast Color Corrector include 32-bit levels, it is pretty slow. This new filter is fast and simple to use and plays back in real-time.

As computers are getting faster the scrubbing will remain in 32-bit mode, unless you turn that feature off. Previously we switched between 32-bit and 8-bit to get a small improvement scrubbing speed, but it made high dynamic range work more painful. I think you will prefer it this way.

YC scopes now work correctly. Previously they clipped at 100% even if the data did not clip. That was also a related bug in the last few builds that clipped 107 IRE from YUV sources, that is now fixed.

Several minor bug fixes.

Of course let us know if there any introduced bugs, but if you are not in the middle of a big project, this is a beta worth trying out.

Download Links for v3.4.3: Prospect 4K and NEO 4K (only active while this beta version is the latest.)

PHD/NHD is on the build machine.

P.S. As it is a weekend and I'm in LA for the RED Los Angeles User Group where I will presenting using this new version on Prospect 4K. Please use my twitter page to send me any reports. Follow me at

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