Monday, August 18, 2008

My 48 Hour Weekend

The weekend just past featured the screening the San Diego division of the 48 Hour Film Project, a film festival for extreme film-making (41 films shown all Saturday.) Like last year, CineForm sponsored the event by providing HD projection and up conversion services for all the submitted films. 90% of HD teams even submitted CineForm AVI or MOVs, making our job so much easier -- a thank you goes to all those teams. Also huge thanks goes to Wafian for loaning us a HR-F1 as a mobile playback server. While this unit is normally for on-set or field recording, at has a really neat new feature (in beta) to simplify festival projection. I had wireless access to a play-list, so I could fully control the Wafian's playback while sitting in the auditorium with all the paying customers. I used my laptop to start and stop the projection, jump to particular films, seek to startup frames while the presenters spoke, and select entire playback lists for automated projection. The same can done using any WiFi hand-held like a iPhone. Have you wished to have a remote control that worked in a full movie theater? That the power I had, it was great fun. Looking for forward to next year's innovations.


Dave Nelson said...

Hi Dave,

I loved the festival this year.

I have a question though. The projector seemed to be very blurry this year compared to last. Also, the framing at the bottom of the screen dropped down in a diagonal from left to right, the right being much lower than the left, and the image had to be cropped at the bottom and right side to compensate for this.

Was there some sort of technical problem with the projector causing the image to be so blurry and in need cropping?

Again, I really loved the festival, this year, and greatly appreciate your's and everyone elses efforts at Cineform this year to put on a great show.

Thanks, Dave.

David said...

There where some blurry SD films, but the HD stuff should have looked about the same. It was 2K projector not a 4K, but 1920x1080 was displayed both years, they would have looked similar. Threater and screen was much larger this year, that would have had a impact.

As for the weird cropping, that was due to the digital projector was off center, and the curve amplifies the distortion. I could have zoomed in more to clean up the left corner, but we would have lost a little more on the bottom right. The was no off center correction like you have on many domestic projectors.