Friday, June 13, 2008

Nike + CineForm + SI-2K = Way Cool!

I just discovered this Nike "Evolution" commerical was shot nearly entire point of view using a SI-2K. The results are a lot of fun. Check it out: Nike Football.


Kindari said...

Who made that?

Hollywood Blue said...

Hello Dave,

Are you doing the 48 hour film festival this year (2008)?

Thanks, Dave.

Hollywood Blue said...

Sorry, I meant, Are you doing the conversion and presentation of the submissions with Cineform on the Sony 4K this year?

Thanks, Dave.

David said...

We would like to, but that hasn't been discussed with the organizers yet. Last year we spent 3 days working flat out to up-res and format convert 47 films. We need to have more control over the submitted formats, to limit our workload.