Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recorded at NAB

I didn't completely avoid being captured on tape or disk this NAB, but I tried. There where more bloggers snapping photos this year, and people stopping me in the aisles, as it seems that having an avatar over on has killed my anonymity. Also I think I was captured in 4K at the reduser workflow event, I don't think anyone needs to see me in that much detail. :) On the show floor David Taylor did most of our on-camera interviews, including this cool one showcasing the Mac workflow using active metadata here at (see the video link titled "NAB 2008 -- CineForm 2K and 4K workflow".) I did one short audio interview for Bob Diaz's podcast. No new information here, but for anyone wanting an answer to the question, "what is CineForm?", that five minute effectively covers it.

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Christopher Grant Harvey said...

David you can run but cannot hide. :-)

Thanks for the link.