Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our latest movie shot with the SI-2K

Now, there is always a huge story about what went right and wrong when doing the 48 Hour Film Project, and we had lots of both--maybe I will get into that later. Unfortunately, we were not eligible for competition this year, as we submitted our film two hours late (The "50 hour film project"), along with 17 other late teams of the initial 49 (with two not submitting.) We did get selected as one of the films for the "best of" screening, so it was not a total bust, and of course we (mostly) had fun (and stress) making it.

We shot with two SI-2K minis, one production unit with a P/L mount Super-16 zoom and one older prototype with a C-mount Canon TV zoom -- the $50 lens from last year. There will be a whole post with more technical details soon.

This year we got the genre of Fantasy.

Required elements:
Character : Alex Gomm, County Employee
Prop : A spoon
Line of dialogue : "Keep that thing away from me."

To save to your local drive, as it is too big to stream (350MBytes), right click on the download link for a 720p WMV/HD version of Sir Late-a-Lot or here for a poor quality youtube version.

P.S. If you want to see what we did last year, here is the and HD links to Burnin' Love .

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richard fox said...

Excellent! If you've always dreamed of making movies you need to see this. It Really shows what a talented team can do with the new generation of digital cinema tools can do. It's hard to believe the difference a couple of years can make. Thanks Cineform and SI! Bravo. Can't wait to see what you'll do next year. Third times the charm.