Thursday, April 12, 2007

First new SI-2K and SI-2K Mini images.

Things have changed a lot over at Silicon Imaging, check out the new body and styling of the SI-2K as designed by P+S Technik. See their press releases regard their partnership with P+S Technik and integrated Iridas SpeedGrade system.

Even the Mini's styling got an overhaul, but that interchange P+S Technik lens mount is sweet. With adaptors you can place lens of these types : PL, B4, Nikon F, Canon EF, Panavision PV, C mount, and some I haven't heard of.

Mini with a PL lens
Mini with a B4 lens


Anonymous said...

This is a great update to a nice camera. Iridas make some nice products and their support is awesome. Integration of Cineform is a big plus. However I still can't get past the 2/3" sensor and its associated depth of field issues. Sure you can buy the 35mm adapter but this is $4000 and is a bit of a band-aid solution in my opinion YMMV. . Problem is we're starting to be spoiled for choice and most other cameras are coming out with a big sensor. NAB may make things clearer.

David said...

True there is one other camera coming out in a similar price range with a DOF advantage. However S16 sensor (it is a little bigger then 2/3") isn't exactly lacking in DOF flexibility, remember most of today's sub-$100k highend HD cameras are 2/3" devices. They are enough differences in the camera to appeal to a range shooters. Workflow is a big differing factor. SI-2K is a field tested and proven over the last year on several feature projects; it has it market. All that said, we make just as much money selling a Prospect 2K license to 2K customer as a 4K customer. :)

Anonymous said...

That is the trouble that I see David most of todays cameras are modified (sometimes heavily) HD video cameras not really designed from the ground up as Digital Cinema cameras (Viper excepted)
but I believe they still suffer from their original ENG heritage. Now we have Dalsa, Arri, Red etc these are designed from the ground up as DC cameras. Don't get me wrong the SI camera has some excellent features particularly in regard to workflow and on camera capabilities and I have no doubt it will actually be well accepted, it may be that it have just been outmarketed ;)
I must admit I love the capability of detaching the camera head.

David said...

I totally agree. SI-2K more of a hybrid, sharing the digital cinema camera design with the S16 format factor. Like a baby Viper.