Thursday, March 08, 2007

CineForm vs MJPEG

I don't have time for complete this comparison myself, but Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry did a great write up on his findings when using the Blackmagic MJPEG codec and CineForm codec for producing HD video game promo reels (Richard's work is very cool.) I wasn't surprised that our wavelet compression would outperform MJPEG in general, but I was pleased to hear it does well even in the low quality setting. Please read his finding over at


Jonas said...

Hi David,

Just finished making "Scourge" with the Wafian and Cineform codec. My first HD feature. Had a great time with it. Very different experience for me.

Cool film BTW.

Just wanted to say hi.

Jonas Quastel
jonas at quastel dot com

David said...


Thanks for the feedback, I hope the film does well.

P.S. You need a IMDB entry for your film.

Jonas said...

Hey David,

The IMDB entry is coming...

Will we be the first feature to cut natively in Cineform?


David said...

Many features have been cut on CineForm tools, at the point now it is no longer a big event. Two and a half years ago Dust to Glory ( was the first.