Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Silicon Imaging mini used on 48 Hour Film Project

This is a brief announcement for tonight's screening for the 48 Hour Film Project. Every year some of the guys at CineForm put a team into the competition, this year we shot with a prototype Silicon Imaging Mini, capturing to a Sony Viao laptop. The results are stunning.

We always shoot with the name "Cane Toad Productions", this year we drew comedy and made a film titled "Burnin' Love."

Come and see the premiere screening at San Deigo's Landmark La Jolla Village Theater, 8879 Villa La Jolla Drive La Jolla. Here is the Map link. Our film will screen with nine others at 9am tonight. Buy tickets online here as they will likely sell out.


Wayne said...

Hi David

"Cane Toad Productions", have you got an Australian working on your crew? That name sounds familiar though, it might be an existing business.

I live just a few kilometers away from the original Cane toad breeding site in Australia, and maybe a few more from where they originally released them in the wild. My friend was also in the BBC documentary film "Cane Toad the Movie" and wrote the music. If you ever see it, I don't know where they got those people from my local town from, I definitely don't know anybody like them {;).

lady said...

Wow! Such a successful project. Your team really needs an award for a job well done.