Monday, May 08, 2006

Not that I like to be on TV,...

Studio Daily did a series of interviews on the NAB show floor regarding the new Silicon Imaging digital cinema camera. The final production features Ari Presler of Silicon Imaging demonstrating how the camera works and myself showing the advantages in post production using footage shot with CineForm RAW. This is a nice concise news story covering why this camera is so cool (I why I had such a blast demoing it.) See the video story here under Some Like It Raw.


fred steele said...

CineForm Unplugged: CineForm and the new Premiere Pro 2.0

Hi David,

If I use premiere pro 2.0 and after effects 7.0, how would purchasing aspect hd 4.0 help me?

Thanks in advance!

David said...

Some of the reason to use Aspect HD over the native MPEG within the Adobe tools.

* performance
* multi-generational quality
* compatibility over far more tools than native HDV editing
* support for mixing formats
* ideal re-editable mastering format
* for effects work even Adobe recommends use an intermediate foramt (i.e. CineForm.)

just a few items. ;)

fred steele said...


I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I will purchasing Aspect next week based upon your info.

Best Regards,

tinay8 said...

I tend to agree. Just yesterday, some officemates of mine were talking about ASpect. Indeed, you have the same opinions about it. What a coinsindence!