Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's been going on?

It has been a very long time since I posted here, so wanted to give a snippet as to why. Back from the beginning of February I was out of the office for about 5 weeks, the longest I have every been away from work since coming to the US from Perth. This was really away -- no email or phone contact for much of that time. This was for positive family matters that I won't go into, but I only mention this much as I wanted to thank the San Diego division of Sony for loaning me a small HDV camera for this "trip." We have a lot of nice HDV gear at the office, but a Z1, HD100 or XL H1 is hardly suitable for personal use, and yet I'm completely spoilled now, such that a can't ever shoot SD again. So Sony kindly loaned me a HDR-HC1. I enjoyed it so much a bought one for myself upon my return. Thank you Sony.

Such a long time off work has put me way behind. If you emailed or left a message for me in the last two months (and I didn't get back to you) please try again. My presence on various HD forums got cut back to catch up on the office stuff. Much of the work awaiting for me was preparing Prospect HD 2.0 and it support for the new Premiere. Prospect HD 2.0 is adding support for the new Xena AJA LH and LHe cards, which is very cool for capturing pre-MPEG-compression directly from the camera head, really the best approach for effects work. Previously this option was only available with the Wafian HR-1 or via a component to HD-SDI adaptor. Much of the other work is preparing for the various announcements for next month's NAB (CineForm is in 5 or 6 partner booths again -- I'll be in Vegas Monday through Wednesday.) Expect April to be an exciting month for CineForm related projects.


jean-yves le moine said...

where exactly will you be at the NAB?
any plan of prospect HD for FCP?

David said...

Unfortunately I won't be at any particular booth. Must likely to be at the Adobe booth, (or Canon or JVC, or Microsoft, etc..)

We have many Mac plans, some we intend to complete sooner than later.

jean-yves le moine said...

i meant at what booth there will be a cineform presence

I hope you will release some mac stuff for the NAB!

David said...

Yes that is also what I mean, CineForm will be shown at Adobe, AMD, Canon, JVC, PNY and maybe other locations. CineForm people will at many of these locations.

Motti said...


Any chance of seeing some form of (prospect/aspect) Decklink support and/or SD version of the Cineform codec (For all those not too rare occasions where a project is aimed at standard TV) ?



David said...

The codec has supported SD since day one, we just didn't bother with the SD market until recently as part of our real-time pipeline. Prospect HD now supports SD SDI with the AJA Xena cards.

Anonymous said...

Mac support would be great !