Sunday, November 20, 2005

10-bit workflow testing

In the last few weeks we a started a blog together with team of filmmakers in South Africa. This new blog (located here is allowing others to see and learn from a new independent filmmaker workflow. This is an effects heavy independent project that is really pushing the envelope; shooting multicam HD100s with 35mm lenses to Wafian disk recorders. CineForm and Wafian are optimized our tools to meet the needs of this project and the production team at Atomic VFX. This is all real, not a marketing exercise, if the filmmakers find bugs they will report them there.

In a recent thread on, there was some discussion of understanding the differences between 8 and 10-bit workflows. The Atomic VFX team was attempting to create a difference matte between 8 and 10-bit files, yet is turns out the compositing tools have some difficulty doing this. Read all the details at indiefilmlive.


jean-yves le moine said...

not a comment but a question
don't know where to ask
does the new xena card and the machina software from AJA support the prospect HD codec?

David said...

We will be supporting the new Xena LH (and LHe) cards with Prospect HD very shortly. At the moment we have not looked to deeply into the machina software.