Monday, October 10, 2005

New gear at CineForm

Thank you Canon! Having the new Canon camera before it hits the market will greatly help CineForm be the first to support ALL its features. We intend to directly support the Canon 24F/30F modes within Aspect HD and Connect HD, and Prospect HD will additionally add support for this camera over HDSDI.

Jeff (CineForm engineer) is pictured modeling the camera soon after its arrrival.

A second thanks also goes to JVC for getting us their deck way ahead of the HD100U shipment, enabling Aspect HD to be the first to support the ingest 24p from Pro HD source (are we still the only commercial NLE solution to support that mode?) Now that JVC has also shipped us a production sample of the camera, we will have some exciting new features/products for the now wide range of of inexpensive HD cameras.


Anonymous said...

c'mon is it 10bit or 8bit out HD-SDI!?!


what is the 24f mode real resolution?!


David said...

I've started to answer those questions here.