Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sorry it has been such a long time since posting. This is due to large number of things happening rather than the lack of events. Just in the last weeks:

  • The scans for the Lbs project where completed and the conform within Prospect 2K is basically done. The source for the whole movie, ten 20 minute reels of cut negative, scanned at 3028x1276 (10-bit log) fits on a single 300GB drive. If that doesn't change filmmaking...
  • The recut of the 3D-IMAX movie Santa vs the Snowman from O Entertainment was completed (and looks awesome.) I will be showing some of this at SIGGRAPH with the AMD booth.
  • Aspect HD 3.2 was released, rolling in many quality enhancement from Prospect HD.
  • Connect HD 1.8 was released (yesterday.)
  • And personally, I directed a short for the 48 Hout Film Project (San Diego division) last weekend and had a complete blast. This was an HDV project shot with two Sony Z1s in CineFrame 25 and edited in 24p using Aspect HD 3.2. The screening is tomorrow night a Landmark La Jolla Village, 7pm. The film is called the The Disc. Today I just re-mastered the film at 1280x720p24 using Window Media 9, looks very cool for writing, shooting and editing within 48 hours.

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