Monday, June 20, 2005

Putting the team back together for the 48 Hour Film Project.

The 48 Hour Film Project is a touring guerrilla film making competition. Last year was the first time in San Diego for this competition, so CineForm put together a team. This was a team of software engineers (camera, lighting & sound), technical support staff (editing), the wife (writer & acting), even the company's insurance agent (boom operator) all lent a hand. With actors from Criag's list we had a total blast and made a fun, but not yet a winning film. This year we are back to try again.

Like last year, we will be shooting HD, totally overkill for this type of project (SD only projection.) We do it because can -- it was also a plus to shoot a little wide for very fast setups, then crop in within post (HD giving us the extra definition for the crop.) The whole film was written, shot, edited, and mastered out in 48 hours so HD actually helped us save time. We where the only team last year with HDV cameras, this year I expect to be competing with other HDV teams (some may competing using our software.) Last year was shot with two JVC HD10U cameras, this year it will be either a couple of Sony Z1s or any upcoming prototypes I can get my hands on. What every we shoot with, we will be using the latest Aspect HD (hopeful a beta of the next release as nothing finds bugs faster than a competition like this.) I hope we can shoot something worth while to post online.

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